Wholesale Energy Market Review 11 January

Energy Wholesale Market View

Headlines Wholesale power and gas contracts experienced mixed movements this week, as most baseload power contracts and near-term (up to and including summer 19) gas contracts followed EU ETS carbon and API 2 coal prices lower, whilst recovering Brent crude oil prices pushed seasonal gas contracts up. Most baseload power contracts fell, with day-ahead, winter

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Sigma’s evolutionary journey in 2018

Monitoring & Targeting

As we launch the 2019 roadmap for Sigma, now is a good time to reflect on the journey so far. When EDW Technology acquired TEAM in 2017, they promised to make significant changes for our flagship energy management software, Sigma. Release 10 In spring 2018, a major architectural update delivered a brand-new look Sigma with

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New Operations Manager to lead our Bureau Service

Robert Webb, Operations Manager

Rob Webb recently joined TEAM to head up our newly restructured Energy Bureau service. He has been hired to deliver our primary focuses for the Bureau service which includes reinforcing data quality, boosting operational efficiency, and driving up cost recovery rates. Rob has spent the past few weeks working with the Bureau team and establishing

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Wholesale Energy Market Review 4 January

Energy Wholesale Market View

Headlines Nearly all wholesale power and gas contracts fell week-on-week, with day-ahead peak power the exception, up 1.7% to £68.2/MWh. Day-ahead power fell 0.6% to end the week at £62.1/MWh, amid forecasts of higher wind generation early next week. The new month-ahead (February 19) power contract also dropped, ending the week at £63.9/MWh, whilst March

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