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What are the benefits of an energy bureau service?

Energy Bureau Service

There are multiple benefits for an organisation to use an energy bureau. Here are some of the benefits for handing over responsibility of your invoices and your finance reporting to an outsourced office. Maximised Cost Recovery The main motivation for organisations to outsource is financial savings. Whilst huge savings are not guaranteed, a bureau service

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Signs you need an Energy Bureau Service

An Energy Bureau is something that can bring multiple benefits to an organisation – having the bills handled by an outsourced office, taking away the responsibility of querying invoices, having energy & finance reporting completed on your behalf. Often clients find that once the system is in place and fully integrated to their own ways

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Who needs fuel card validation?

Fuel cards – simple, aren’t they?  Used by companies to make the transactional process of buying fuel easier for fleet cars, you know that you are getting the fuel at the price you have agreed.  Simple!  But then, isn’t that the same concept as utilities – procure & pay?  And from experience within the energy

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