Sigma Feature Summary

Sigma energy management software – better decisions quicker.
Meter, monitor, control, report and display your building’s utility management activities.

The Sigma energy management software will enable you to optimise your energy management strategy delivery, providing a structured, co-ordinated and integrated approach to managing energy. Sigma will support the:

Sigma energy management software will support you in making energy an integral part of running your organisation to ensure success in energy efficiency gains, carbon reduction and to be fully compliant with legislation and regulatory requirements.

Sigma energy management is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and is sold on a subscription basis that includes upgrades, maintenance and support. The key benefit of our subscription model is that we take care of everything behind the scenes. Sigma is affordable, our annual subscription model has a minimal up-front cost. The benefits of the Sigma energy management subscription model include:

 Sigma Core FunctionalityComplete Energy
Data Collection
 Meter importers
 Data logger importers
 BEMS importers
 IoT importers
 Degree day data
 Benchmark data
 Utility bill importers
 – EDI, CSV, PDF & Manual
 DUoS data
 Manual data entry
Data Management
 Utility supplier tariff data
 Asset/Property data
 Consumption data
 Data health check
 Data Storage
Utility Bill Validation
Cost Recovery
 Utility bill supplier query management
 User configurable dashboards
 External dashboard publishing
 Self-service reporting – WYSIWYG report design
 Advanced analytics
 Predictive analysis
 Graphs & charts
 Mapping & location intelligence
 Presentation & storyboards
 Export formats: CSV, DOC, PDF and XLS
Monitoring & Targeting
 Project tracking
 Historical comparison
 Performance trends
 Cost reporting
Compliancy Management
 Energy and emission data
 CRC reporting
 Greenhouse gas reporting
 Sigma Extensions
 Integration (Finance)
 Mobile application
 Tenant Billing
  – Rate structures & tariffs
  – Invoice template branding & configuration
  – Invoice apportioning
  – Invoice formats and distribution
  – Finance system interface
  – Ad hoc charge
  – Supplier contract management
 Professional Services
 Consultancy days
Transforming your energy data into energy intelligence – interact with your energy data when you want, how you want