Birmingham Airport

What does Birmingham Airport use? Sigma Energy Management Software

TEAM worked with Birmingham Airport to help manage their energy data with our Sigma Energy Management Software for analysis. This helped the airport to identify exceptions and identify 2.6 million kWh (kilowatt-hours) in savings in the terminal. With a big focus at Birmingham Airport on energy efficiency and a reduction in consumption, from a financial and environmental perspective. TEAM’s Sigma M&T Software has helped the airport make energy management a key issue within the organisation and has helped in reducing their overall energy consumption which was part of their KPI for the financial year.

The airport uses TEAM Sigma energy management software to turn the large amounts of raw metering data into relevant energy information. Sigma Software is used to produce weekly reports analysing increases in energy consumption to detect where plant and equipment has gone out of parameter.

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We take weekly exception reports and those weekly exception reports actually tell us where increases, or often the case now decreases in energy are taking place. If there is an increase in energy, we can target and this is through the TEAM software the specific plant or equipment that is outside of its parameters.

Geoff Brunt, Engineering Manager
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