Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

Energy Performance Certificate Compliance

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)The Energy Performance of Buildings (England and Wales) Regulations 2012 require that all non-domestic buildings (with a limited number of exceptions) in the UK to produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) on construction, major renovation, sale or rent.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC’s) are required at the time of offer (marketing) for sale or let of the building. The EPC shows an A (efficient) to G (least efficient) asset rating of the building and informs the owner, buyer or occupier of the building’s energy performance. In contrast to DECs that are produced annually, an EPC can be valid for up to 10 years if no major renovation occurs on the building.

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Energy Performance Certificate Penalty Charges

You can be fined between £500 and £5,000 for failure to display a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in commercial buildings which are frequently visited by the public and have floor area of more than 500 m2. The EPC must be displayed in a prominent place clearly visible to members of the public who visit the building.

How can TEAM help?

TEAM will produce an EPC for buildings following the same method in England and Wales, which involves information gathering, a site survey, 3D modelling and data input using approved energy performance software SBEM, calculation of energy rating, production of reports and lodgement. The EPC will be accompanied by a recommendation report.

TEAM will lodge EPCs and recommendation reports through an accredited body on a central register and be made available to the customer. If you would like TEAM to assist you with the production of EPCs please contact us.

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Why use TEAM?

Specialist Assessors

TEAM has accredited Low Carbon Energy Assessors in Design and Simulation, who can produce EPCs for your non-domestic buildings and enable you to meet the legal requirements. These assessors are trained to provide the EPC but also to can give bespoke advice to assist you in cutting energy costs and carbon emissions in your buildings.

Find out more about our specialist energy performance software consultant Juan Garcia here.

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We are delighted with the EPC rating which defines the outcome of a number of years hard work in the design and installation of the sustainable technologies.
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