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Tenant Billing Consultancy Overview

Tenant Billing ConsultancyOur Tenant Billing Consultancy can help make life easier for organisations by devising a billing model that is clear, transparent and accurate. We can review any existing billing work carried out by your organisation or external contractor with a view to collating any relevant information.

This information then allows us to devise a billing algorithm (in Excel) that is robust and transparent. It includes a list of the quantities used during the billing period (kWh, m3, units of heating/cooling, etc.) to demonstrate the process followed across all items being billed.

Our team of experts can also create an easy-to-understand A4 document explaining how the figures on the tenants’ bills are calculated. This may consist of an example of one single item (such as heating), to demonstrate the process followed across all items being billed.

If you want to know more about how TEAM’s Tenant Billing Consultancy solutions can help you, visit http://www.teamtenantbilling.com/ or contact TEAM on 01908 690018.

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Many organisations who own or manage multiple or multi-let properties, claim that their energy billing system frequently causes problems and can be very time consuming. Landlords are being left out of pocket and disputes relating to energy charges are increasing as tenants become more aware of their rights.

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Why choose TEAM?

TEAM’s Tenant Billing Service can help organisations to accurately divide utility costs between tenants. It is ideal for organisations who own or manage multiple or multi-let properties, including residential housing, retail parks, ports, airports, service stations or industrial sites. This service is extremely flexible and can be adapted to individual requirements.

Additional services

TEAM goes that extra mile to ensure you get the best out of our Tenant Billing Service. We offer a choice of options, tailored to suit your individual requirements.

What next?

TEAM provides a Bureau Service and Tenant Billing Software that can help you move forward in managing all of your energy billing needs. Our team of experts are on hand to help you accurately manage the entire Tenant Billing process.

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A number of organisations have asked us to provide them with a billing model. Our role is to devise a transparent and robust billing algorithm that will stand up to scrutiny and potential challenges by tenants. In many cases, landlords are left thousands of pounds out of pocket because they haven’t got an appropriate energy billing system in place.

Ellen Salazar, TEAM Energy Services Manager
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